Women of different backgrounds, with different ambitions and goals are so pivotal to the empowerment of womankind. More and more conferences and assemblies are devoted to women in power, in business, in innovation. Interactive, professional, eloquent and beautiful, women conquer the world by their strength, leadership skills and network building, growing communities and motivating others. Women make the world better!

If we try to answer the question “Who runs the World?”, we incline to discriminate either by raising the awareness of the feminine natural predominance, or by neglecting certain capabilities. However, it often occurs that women play a secondary role in most domains in life. Most societies follow a patriarchal system, which governs relations between genders, mostly reinforced through economic and political systems. However democratic views grant suffrage and repeal laws and policies that discriminated against women.

Empowerment of women is the process of gaining strength and control over their own lives, choosing strategically and perceiving tactically. Many Conventions and Commissions, Good Will ambassadors stand up for women’s achievements, recognize challenges, and focus greater attention on women’s rights and gender equality. For instance, UNESCO in its mission to advocate peace and development fostering women’s empowerment and leadership, organizes a series of thematic conferences within the framework of “UNESCO’s Soft Power Today”. The participants discuss the challenges and innovative solutions in the 2030 horizon, boldly scaling new heights and transforming the world towards equality of rights, elimination of violence and support to women and girls as a social commitment to end discrimination in the world.

While the tide is changing and more women are taking the leadership roles, there are certain challenges in their upward trajectory. During several past years we notice female elected presidents and prime ministers in power around the globe, as well as women in the business world holding CEO positions. They push the boundaries and learn from the circumstances, enabling the opportunities before them. Women inspire and motivate! Michele Buck, CEO of Hershey’s says: “Make an impact in every single assignment that you are given. Look at it as how can I take this to the next level. And be confident in yourself”. It’s the confidence and the ability to see through challenges with positive attitude, which help Women to be the Power and Lead groups, companies, societies, nations.

Author Name: Iryna Oksiuk

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