Who we are?

We invite industry experts and world class accredited trainers to speak and train at our conferences, forums & trainings. They share their case studies, re-educate and network with peers resulting in creating and enhancing their business opportunities. Nispana acts as a business catalyst for all its clients through constant focus on re-education, networking and most importantly deal making opportunities. We provide business executives with tailored practical conferences, forums and trainings, keeping them up to date with industry trends and technological developments.

We work with an ideology of Ideation, Innovation & Execution to help organizations, governments, NGOs, industry specialists and suppliers to identify their existing challenges and support them in suggesting ways to respond those changes. We believe in exceeding expectations, thus this vision helped us to maintain our legacy and culture from last 8 years. Our values are focused on teamwork, innovation, integrity, commitment, performance & results. Nispana holds excellent reputation in Business Intelligence service industry. We deliver what we promise.

At Nispana, we believe that there is no better business referral than that given by a satisfied client. That’s why we are committed to finding out what exactly our client’s needs are and delivering solutions that meet and often exceed expectations. At the core of Nispana’s values stand teamwork, openness to new ideas, tolerance for mistakes and pro-activeness in managing change effectively.

The power of innovation makes Nispana Infinite. We chase perfection to catch excellence.

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