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Vision & Mission

Nispana is a business intelligence company which is focused on delivering innovative platforms for industries across the globe.

Corporate Strategy:

  • Build a compelling vision and set of concrete financial objectives that are embraced by key stakeholders for the event
  • Focus on creating a portfolio of leadership positions to generate superior returns and move to more attractive markets over time
  • Determine portfolio priorities (between business units) by assessing competitive position, leadership potential, market attractiveness and economic profit
  • Use portfolio priorities to drive differential resource allocation and differential targets across business units
  • Strive for system repeatability, which creates competitive advantage from learning-curve effects gained through repetition, reduced complexity by adapting a known pattern, faster and more reliable decision making on investments
  • Manage a conservative capital structure to support growth and provide flexibility

Core values of Nispana:

Team Work – At Nispana, we believe in collaboration and teamwork with all employees clients & investors.

Focus on Results – We value outperformance and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Taking Ownership – Process ownership, Quality, innovations and the way we do business drive customer and employee loyalty. We empower our employees to be a process owner and take the right decisions in line with the organisational objectives and goals.

Teamwork and Informal Works Culture – Nispana fosters an atmosphere of professionalism blended with strong personal relationships to facilitate better teamwork towards common objectives. Organization hierarchies are for administrative convenience and our open door policy and other interaction forums results in a informal and friendly work culture that contributed towards career growth and personal evolution of fellow staffs.

Career & Competency Framework – The Career System provides clarity to every Nispana staffs position, roles and responsibilities and the career path. This system articulates the competencies required for every position and helps them find internal growth opportunities. The roles and responsibilities expect a stretch but do not set any unrealistic work expectations.

Learning and Development – The training and education opportunities at Nispana enable employees to constantly improve their skill by helping employees develop critical life skill, communication skill and leadership skill to create a mature thinking and contributing workforce. Competency gaps of the employees are identified and training is designed to facilitate effective performance on their current roles and their growth the organization.

Transparency and Integrity – Nispana believes in creating a climate of transparency and no-politics where all employees are treated equally. All Nispana staff exhibit trust and integrity in their interactions with customers, colleagues, investors and clients.

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