Have you ever thought what effective and transparent internal communication can do to your company?

If yes then you will definitely have an internal communication plan or strategy for your business. Transparent communication is equally important as the message. It’s a part of organizational culture, therefore, it is pretty important to focus on how you are communicating. From goal to values and practices, everything needs to be communicated properly with the employees.

According to researchers company enjoys 47% higher returns to stakeholders with highly effective communication practices. Effective communication directly influences employee engagement behavior which in turn improves productivity. Team members might feel disconnected and disengaged if they don’t understand their role and contributions in organizational success.

Best Practices to improve Internal Communication

1. Planning & Formulation of strategy: The first step is to plan and create a strategy. It is important to figure out the existing pattern and is there any room for improvement. Take your time, get ideas from your team members, then go ahead and decide how you want to lay it. Make sure to avoid unnecessary communication.

2. Utilize available tools of communication: Are you utilizing the available tools for communication? If you are just planning on introducing a new channel of communication then you are simply wasting time. Utilize the tools available rather than diverting your mind to something else.

3. Prefer Face to Face Communication: If you are a leader or manager then you are advised to use face to face communication rather than just dropping a mail. The best way to communicate with your team is through “Team Briefing”. Gathering everyone at one place and communicating with them. If you have a larger team then you can go for Webinar or other social media channels.

4. Welcome new ideas and feedbacks: Encourage your team members to come up with new ideas and provide genuine feedback. Appreciate team members and value their feedback and suggestions.

5. Encourage cross-functional communication: It’s important to encourage cross-departmental collaboration and communication. Promote inter-group and intra-group communication. You can conduct knowledge sharing training and workshops and encourage all the departments to participate in it. It will contribute to organizational progress and growth.

6. Encourage team communication social media tools: Use of social media is blocked in many companies. It’s not only meant for misuse. At organization, it can be utilized for improving company exposure, employee morale, and engagement. Ask them to tag Company’s official page, which will improve brand visibility.

7. Maintain transparent communication: transparency is an essence of communication. If you are clear with the communication then you don’t need to find out the loopholes in the organizational process. Sharing half of the information might mislead your team from the achievement of the goal. Be transparent. Be Specific & Be clear.

Author Name: Rupika Kumari

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