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At Nispana, you will get a chance to work with most talent sales personnel, producers, marketers and designers to shape the future of business intelligence solutions in the corporate event industry. Since 2010 we are one of the pioneers in this industry. We have jobs, and then we have careers for you. Don’t just look for a job, join us and do something meaningful. Get an opportunity to learn new things and challenge yourself. We have motivating, smart and ambitious people in our team. Come join us today!


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Nispana is a great place to learn, grow and develop at both personal and professional levels. The best thing about the senior management is that they encourage people to work with confidence, no matter if they make some mistakes. Trust me, there is no spoon feeding, you learn everything with your own mistakes and experience. Team members are highly enthusiastic and it’s the best place to work. Joining Nispana was the best decision for my career. Sales Director

I appreciate working for Nispana, in light of the fact that the organization gives you the consideration you deserve and treats you like family. Regardless of your title, Nispana influences you to feel esteemed. I feel motivated to come up with new ideas and incorporate it. Senior management is very supportive and practical. I am proud to be associated with Nispana. Marketing Manager

“Choose a job that you love and you will never have to work a day in your life” The famous quote by Confucius made sense for me since I started working with Nispana. After working for a handful of corporate event management companies, I have finally found my home within Nispana. Hard work pays off I have realized it here. The team is extremely talented, supportive, encouraging and caring. The organization cultures makes you excited to come to work every day. Deputy Manager

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We are exceptionally group driven, and we work in a way that puts aggregate objectives in front of individual brilliance. In 8 years we have grown rapidly, and we continue to succeed on the grounds that we are an agile association that can meet people’s high expectations we may confront. Everybody at Nispana is shrewd, vivacious, and amusing to work with. We cherish what we do, and it appears in the solid connections we have worked with our clients. Team Lead

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After beginning my vocation with Nispana, I felt an incredible amount of support from the on-site group to the corporate level. Nispana’s comprehensive culture and associate tutoring program distinguish us from other organizations. I have got opportunities to travel different countries to host conferences and summits. This has given me a lot of satisfaction and determination to help grow Nispana. Production Manager

It’s been 5+ years with Nispana. In Operations, things are constantly changing, so I am in-charge of discovering answers for customer and client dissensions. I am grateful for every opportunities and experience Nispana has furnished me with. Overall it’s an amazing company to work with. You will learn a lot with Nispana. Operations Manager

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The power of innovation makes Nispana Infinite. We chase perfection to catch excellence.

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