Speaking at an industry conference in one’s opinion is an incredible experience, professionally and personally. As wonderful as it is to be a part of the conference, speaking at a conference could take the experience to a whole new level. This platform gives an incredible opportunity and the ability to network with others in the industry. There’s nothing like speaking to a targeted audience where you can share your knowledge with your peers under one roof. That would be one of the main motivation factor to share your experience where in you can learn a lot from others and that feeling when you can give back is rewarding also learn from other speakers at the conference.

The best thing about conference speakers is that they are highly educated in their domain. It helps you grow as an individual, apart from that it also enhances branding and exposure of your company. Ever if you have attended any conferences, you must be knowing that the experience is incredible. Attending and speaking at such a big level means you have earned something based on your performance and job responsibility. Be it a panelist, solo speaker or a co-presenter, you are raising your profile in your respective industry if you are speaking at any conference.

First time speakers definitely feel awkward and uncomfortable, but the more you participate, the more confident and expert you become. The constructive feedbacks help you to give a better presentation.
The most evident benefit is the exposure where your badge will say SPEAKER on it. Which usually leads to more people who would be keen on seeking you out for your advice or using your badge as a conversation starter which certainly leads to business opportunities. Speaking at a conference is nothing but putting your opinion, thoughts and influence to the audience also communicating your message and build a trademark. So when the client or audience see you as a knowledgeable expert it’s more likely as they would be interested to do business. Benefits of speaking at a conference not only gives you the confidence, it’s also challenging and has that credibility factor.

Author Name: Deepa Chinnapa

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